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“If it hadn’t been for Lincoln College…”

Alumni frequently remark on how they came to Lincoln College with less than stellar academic credentials, or feeling like they weren’t quite ready to attend a large university. Lincoln’s small campus, and the personal attention from excellent faculty gave them the start—or restart—they needed to seek and pursue their passions.

As an Alumnae or Alumnus of Lincoln College, you benefited from the generosity of many fellow alumni, parents, and others who provided funds for financial assistance and campus resources that helped you succeed at Lincoln College and beyond. Today, your charitable contributions help ensure that students who need the personal and academic support that Lincoln College provides will have the same opportunity that you had to grow and be successful.

Almost every college and university nationwide faces a gap between tuition revenue and operation expenses. Tuition and fees cover only a portion of each student’s costs. However, if we raised tuition to close the gap, fewer families and students could afford the unique education we provide. Charitable gifts are one way Lincoln College is able to provide needed financial assistance to students who have personal and academic potential but lack financial resources.

Like many colleges and universities, Lincoln College has benefited from major gifts and grants from corporations and foundations to help fund new programs, capital improvements and special projects. Alumni giving serves as a measure by which corporations and foundations rate alumni involvement. This is a major consideration for these groups when making major gifts to colleges and universities. Your annual gift to Lincoln College—regardless of the amount—helps us secure additional funds for programs and projects which expands the educational opportunities and enhances the Lincoln College experience for our students.