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Returning to School as an Adult, Resulted in Educational Success and Rewarding Career

Holly HinthornHolley Hinthorn, class of 1992, began attending Lincoln College-Normal as an adult learner in 1988 when a couple of his co-workers suggested he should take some computer classes. Holley chose LCN because he liked the small size, and the people he encountered through inquiry and registration were “real nice and very helpful.” He had not been a strong student in high school, and had been out of school for some time, so LC-N’s small classes and personal attention made it the right choice.

While taking the computer programming courses, Holley learned that LCN offered a series of courses leading to a certificate of management. He continued his studies, attained that Certificate, and eventually accumulated the credits necessary for an Associate in Arts degree, all while he continued to work full time.

Holley gives credit for his AA degree to the personal attention and helpful atmosphere he found at LCN, and to the support of his wife who assisted him by proof reading papers, helping with test preparation and giving much-needed moral support. In addition to his degree, LCN recognized his effort and honored him with the ‘Perseverance Award’ for his “staying with it” attitude.

While pursuing his studies at LCN, Holley was hired by Country Companies. He firmly believes that one of the reasons he was successful in getting hired at Country was the fact that he was pursuing a degree. With the AA degree in hand and a determination to continue, Holley enrolled at ISU and eventually earned a BA in Management.

Holley’s AA from LCN and BA from ISU, along with work experiences at Country, have certainly paid off. Holley now works at COUNTRY Financial as their Manager of Computer Operations.

Holley credits LCN with providing the opportunity and proper environment to return to school as an adult, which has resulted in educational success and a rewarding career. He is now giving back with regular annual fund gifts directed to the Normal campus. He is also encouraging his colleagues and others to consider LCN as a place to either start or continue their higher education. Holley’s personal experience and success should certainly provide incentive to those he is encouraging.