Creekside Outdoor Center for Environmental Education

//Creekside Outdoor Center for Environmental Education
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Creekside, Lincoln College’s Outdoor Center for Environmental Education is an innovative 4-acre educational site recognized by the scientific community for its biological diversity and geological and archeological significance. The Center features a lecture pavilion, insectarium, greenhouse, restored tall grass prairie, native gardens, demonstration pond, council ring fire pit, solar and wind energy developments, storm water management and rain garden, nature trails and access to Sugar Creek near the location that Illinois’ largest wooly mammoth fossil was discovered in 2005.

Creekside has free parking and portable restroom facilities. Boardwalks and sidewalks make the site handicapped-accessible.

In addition to being used for LC science curriculum, Creekside is available to area educators for teaching students of all ages about land use, environmental science and conservation; research projects; and to the general public for walking and recreation. Since its grand opening in Fall 2014, it has been used by the Lincoln College Theatre department to stage plays, by Logan County Master Naturalists doing research, as a subject for plein air painting by the Logan County Arts artists club, and for stargazing parties.

Naming opportunities are available. For more information contact one of our Development Officers.