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Numerous programs, institutes and special projects at Lincoln College make a tremendous difference in the education we provide. They enable our faculty to carry out important research, our students to pursue the newest knowledge and the college to make a significant impact in our community. Here are just a few of the funds and areas that would benefit greatly from your generosity.


The LINCOLN Fund is the collection of donations made to the college, which provides the school with the opportunity to pursue developments such as building, construction, and technological upgrades as well as programs vital to providing the level of education we all expect for our students.

Our goal at Lincoln College is to be the best. To accomplish this, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve the Lincoln College Experience, whether it is through standard of living for our students or the standard of their education. The LINCOLN Fund provides us with the funding necessary to seek out these improvements.

Currently, tuition only covers 80% – 85% of the college’s annual budget. Hence, other means of funding are necessary to pay the remainder of the budget, as well as all other projects that enhance the benefits and opportunities that Lincoln College provides. For these reasons, the LINCOLN Fund plays an essential part in fulfilling Lincoln College’s mission of empowering students to realize their full potential.

Small or large, all donations do make a difference. We appreciate anything you can give. Learn how to make a donation or view the annual giving clubs.

Endowed & Annual Scholarships

There are many students who would not be able to go to college if it were not for scholarships. With an endowed scholarship, you can have your name on the scholarship, and choose your own selection criteria. Currently, there are 49 Donor Endowed Scholarships available to Lincoln College students. Endowed scholarships may be opened with an initial deposit, with the full amount to be funded within 5 years.  The endowment must be fully funded for one year before the first scholarship is awarded. Awarded scholarships are funded by the earnings on the endowment principle.

The number of annual scholarships vary, averaging 16 per year, with many scholarships have multiple recipients, ranging from 2-18 each year. Annual Scholarship funds must be received by the Advancement Office by June 1 prior to the beginning of the semester in which the scholarship is awarded.

For more information, or to fund a scholarship, please contact the Advancement Office.

Special Projects

The Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center at Lincoln College is a hub of activity for LC and the greater Lincoln/Logan County community. Whether you’re a former LC student or parent, or a community member who enjoys fine arts and great college athletics, you know that Lincoln College impacts individual lives and our larger community.

The Lincoln Heritage Museum

When completed, the Lincoln Heritage Museum will join the nation’s other great Lincoln-related museums, an institution worthy of its vast and unique collection and worthy of the President whose name it bears.

Creekside Outdoor Center for Environmental Education

Located along Sugar Creek, about five miles north of Lincoln, Creekside the Outdoor Center for Environmental Education will be an experiential outdoor classroom featuring an outdoor teaching pavilion, insectarium, greenhouse, and a restored prairie.

Academic Programs

Lincoln College is home to 22 vibrant academic programs which can benefit from your support.